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Boys get 2 out of 3 vs Monheim, Dormagen, FB Leverkusen !

Monheim 67-BTV 77 OT/ BTV 61- Dormagen 80/ FB 75- BTV 80 OT !

The guys are getting a lot of basketball played this year , having 3 overtime winning games this year 2 vs Monheim and 1 FB . 3-0. the new mix of kids are finally putting some things together , learning each other gameplay . Now also have another guard in Alex kakos who joined the team after having surgery, the boys are trying to make a push for some more wins .

The second game vs Monheim was in the Heck , 3/4 of the gym full with spectators and fans for the guys ,was loud and the game exciting and the boys didn’t disappoint. 2nd half the game was back and forth with small runs , barmen had a chance to end the game being up 65-62 but Monheim hit a 3 to tie and time ran out .

Overtime barmen came out on a run 6-0 and played smart hitting 2 3s in the overtime that took the wind out of Monheim as time expired . it was a great win and it showed some promise for the guys .

But Dormagen wasn’t that promise . A very good size team Dormagen was contained most of 1st half only up by 3, 38-41 . but the second half, Size showed itself for Dormagen . 3rd quarter was pretty evenly played , but rebounding you could start to see sway towards Dormagen . twin towers both in the game was tough for our Big man Antoine who had some good blocks in the game . But the game of basketball come with a variety of things and one is the Dunk ! Talk about a game changer , 4th quarter was it . a Break away with defense planning on blocking a shot, but instead of blocking , you are a witness to a (Facial) . The most Exciting thing in the game , and it happened, and that was it . Dormagen finished BTV off getting 20 pts to barmen 7 and winning big 61-80 .

looking ahead to FB Leverkusen , we lost by 10 in the first game , but we shot terrible making only 10 baskets in the game !! some went to Leverkusen with the addition of Alex kakos and believed we could compete and maybe get the W .

And that they did !! . they played a great game both offensive and defensively. Take our hat off to FB , it wasn’t easy , the game never got a far as 5 pts difference in regulation . although BTV had to always come from behind most the game . then the guys got up by 8 , but just like that FB caught up and tied 69-69 to go into OT. and BTV overtime experience paid off !! making FT in the OT period and winning by 5 . spitting the duel 1-1 . next game is Sunday vs Mettman in the Heck at 18Uhr.

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