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9W / 7L on the year. For what we thought about the year , is what is was about the year . “ Hardworking „! Yes our ladies played every game with everything , giving there All , thru injuries, inner strife , some game short-handed. Bottom line , no matter what team was on the floor , they stuck together and played as a team . Learning that early in the year with our first game loss to neuss and realising how small we were , that together mindset is what pushed us thru the year.

we accomplished more than we thought we would when the season started . The first round we got off to a good run after losing 2 of the first 3 games . Then we win 4 straight. Then the second half of the year was different, teams adjusted , play more physical and more will !! We lost a few good games . But if anything the girls learned alot in their 1st year in Damen ball. As a Coach , I M VERY PROUD!! We thank the teams who completed and we’ll get ready for next year .

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