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LADIES DROP 3/4 in second half of Season , Holding 5th place !

BTV – Neuss 3 58-44 / Neuss 4-BTV 76-30 / BTV-SW 43-57/ BTV- Cap Duss 56-61

The 2nd half of the season was looking good for the ladies after getting the home win vs Neuss 3 who is currently in 2nd place . the win put the ladies solely in 3rd place and our confidence level was riding high . the next game was vs neuss 4 who the ladies beat at home earlier this season . But this game was a week game on a Tuesday 8pm in Neuss . New terrain for the ladies because they are all in school still and mostly under 19 . So our ladies went into the game playing hard, but were no match for the bigger Neuss on this night .

Ladies fall short in the next game vs SW due to shortage of players at start of the game . U18W played earlier . MENTAL MEMORY ! you can’t come from 1 game into another and catch the vibe ! plus no energy . Sw had a good start and momentum to hold on . plus we had a problem with our Bigs and fouls ! Verses Cap Bob Dusseldorf , was a terribly refereed Basketball game . on both sides . nothing regulated . you can’t go from 15 called touch fouls at the beginning of the game and then only 5 hard physical fouls at the end . should had been 7/5 on this day . ladies start off going up by 10 . in the 1stQ but by half time half my players had 3 or more fouls ! there was no chance in the 2nd half . we were short on the floor and in points losing by 5 .

Our hats go off to our League !! my girls are learning . we have nothing to feel bad about . Actually we are so far the only team to have beaten both 1st and 2nd place teams outside of Neuss 4 beaten Neuss 3 . that in itself is an accomplishment . we know we are very small and the ladies also finding out how important the weightroom will be in the off season . So we will see what our next game will bring !!

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