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Barmen ladies disappear vs Capital Baskets , lose 37-33 !

The Bubble ! meaning the winning streak of 10-0 since last year, has finally burst ! After the long layoff , Barmen had to go to Dusseldorf to play what would be for Dusseldorf one of their most important games of the year . Barmen won the first meeting by 13 pts 60-47 . Barmen was the stronger team in the first game .

But the second meeting Barmen was shorthanded ( F.Faraj Foot injury), but that made no difference , because we were still a stronger team . the first quarter showed that with the ladies jumping out to 4-12 lead . Defense was solid , got baskets from some good team play . confidence was high . Then the 2nd quarter starts and things went south … Dusseldorf goes on a 18-5 quarter leaving the ladies stunned with 22-17 at halftime !! total turn around from the 1st . Ok teams do miss shots , but we missed easy stuff . had defensive assignments missed . ( noted one of our girls got sick during the quarter ) so the teams mentality was distracted . and Dusseldorf took advantage .

3rd quarter was not different . we played defense but was hard to score , and Dusseldorf had gone up by 11 at the end of 3 with 32-21 . just 2 pts shy of the points needed to take soul 1st place . but then the ladies finally make a run and get within 5, 33-29 . but as good as the run was it fell short of its goal to win the game . 37-33 final .

now 4-1 tied with Dusseldorf , the points game begins . barmen still with 5 games to go 2 more then Dusseldorf . the game vs Verlbert was moved to 6.3. at 18:30 in Velbert . The next game is 4.3 vs SW baskets in the heck at 16uhr . Another BIG game for the girls . only winning by 10 points .

good note F.Faraj trained with the girls last week , so we hope to her possibly playing next week vs SW . Bottomline the girls have to STEP UP now . every game is an important one !!!

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