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The Guys went 1-1 before Xmas! Personnel changes. Then lose 2 of 3 .

ISD 77- BTV 64 / BTV 76- Schwelm 51/ BTV 36-Bayer Leverkusen 61/ BG Lowen 102 – BTV 60 / BTV 72- TSV Solingen 66

So a lot has happened since our last report before Xmas . guys met a tall and tough ISD team but fell short with a 4th quarter run to get the game to 4pts before fouls became a problem . ISD well composed closed the game out with Free throws . Schwelm came to the Heck after but BTV was too much for the young Schwelm winning 76-51 . After the Break things changed up with 2 players leaving for personal reasons as 2 players joined the team . Newly acquired Noah Dassbach who actually was with BTV 2 seasons ago started in the ISD game and has played 5gms so far . Putting up 15pts a game and 7.5 rebounds and can shoot the 3 , he brings a lot with all around play offensively . and adds to the big 3 to help out T. Nibou and A. kostka with offense production. we also have Noland Shewan , A Big forward who give BTV some SIZE in the paint .He played with the u 16 last year , but then took a break . but is now in the rotation . „Its never good for any team when teams have breakdowns from personnel changes . Just like a new job , we have to train all over and get unified mentally again . systems have to be adjusted for the style of new player , and lastly getting in shape . Coach Stated “

Having only 1 training and a quick training scrimmage , the guys went up against Bayer Leverkusen and played their worst Ball of the year . getting only 36 pts ( 20 pts N. Dassbach). BTV 21 turnovers , we will never win games with this . 2 days later a trip to BG Lowen , ( 1st place ), was not bad. Wasn’t good but 1st half was played very well . the 3rd quarter was bad and BG Capitalised . this comes back to the fact some guys are not in shape yet , and still learning from each other . Then Saturday here in the heck vs solingen for the 2nd time the team looked like the mental unity is coming together . guys played comfortable together . Solingen at this point was 1 place higher in the tabelle and played hard for this game . They had a good first quarter, but then Btv’s A. Fouda came to life . Center for BTV had 19 rebounds ( 15 offensive ) and 4 blocks to help shut down Solingen. over the past few games Antoine has been catching on with the speed of the game . he is starting to see what is developing and not wondering what’s coming . now we gotta get him to putback half of those offensive rebounds . LOL . So the boys get back to .500 5-5 with the second half of the year starting . Still a lot of games to go !!

FGs 34% FTs 45%. 3pts 26%. PPG 57.2

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