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U18 Boys get 1 at Mettman 51-58.

BTV , rolled into Mettman optimistic about the game ahead . playing Mettman last year with a not so Strong team and splitting the bill 1-1 , this year hoped to be different . starting 2-0 and then dropping their last 2 , the guys plan this game was to start out strong, which has been a problem offensively this year with the guys shooting a miserable 33% from the field.

This game the guys played good defensively with controlling the board and sending 11 shots back with new edition Antoine Fouda at the center position . he just needs to work on his post game and he could be a force in the second half of the year . Taha Nibou , who been consistent putting the ball in the basket , helps the guys with 28points on 41% shooting . Barmen did shoot 48% from the line shooting 11 out of 23 .

Mettman gave us a run and that’s how the league is looking. Out side of Bergisher Lowen who played regional last year, the teams seem equally match . so lets see what happens on Sunday vs ISD Dusseldorf . Currently 2nd place .

51-58 W vs Mettman .

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