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Barmen Ladies BIG vs Velberter, and did SW test the ladies? Or just a bad Thursday ! Btw gets by with 10.

Gm2. Barmen keep rolling getting 111 points vs Velbert in the Heck and only giving up 15 . Velbert came and played hard, but the ladies were just bigger and better team orientated . All players scored in the game with 41pts coming from Leading scorer F. Faraj . 3 other were in double figures and congratulations to Leen Alamin for her first points in a BTV uniform . Barmen shot 57% form the field ,50% for the line . this game as it was , is a little worrying cause of the short week and playing the following thurday vs an awaiting SW ladies team . !! ( Part 2 below ).

Gm3. So one of the Scheduled games this year had to be changed in Ronsdorf from Saturday & BIG GYM , to Thursday and small hall . Ok , that shouldn’t be a problem its just a gym . Right? .. Or could it be because its a school night and u didn’t do our homework ? hmmm… Your wondering WHY I’m asking huh?? Well lets get to the game . then you might understand .

lets start with what’s important , the tabelle , although early the year , BTV 2-0/ SW 1-0 . SW beating Neuss in their first game of the year 37-31 in Neuss . Barmen coming off a big win vs Velbert . this game would send a statement of who hold 1st place in the league .

2nd last year the ladies undefeated season met SW 2 times , so of course revenge is on their mind the third time around . that’s enough to be pumped !! well at least thought.

the ladies started the game good getting out to a 6-8 pt lead then was up 18-9 at half , but the 2nd was one of the worst periods of the game with only 4 pts . miss after miss , steal ,fast break , misss! Sw played a very good defensive game with having a big Center causing problems in the middle the 2nd half was just a little better with SW doing all they can to keep it a ball game . 23-29 after 3 . But barmen was able to hold on down the stretch because of their defense taking 30 steals in the game . and winning by 10 points . ( 29-39 BTV , 3-0 , undefeated streak 9-0 . )

Barmen shot only 15% on 11/73 from the field . yeah we missed ALOT of Easy Baskets . and missed even harder baskets . but in the end our defense stopped them from making baskets too .

Next game Saturday 10/12 12uhr Heckenhauser . Vs Hilden . See you there !

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