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Ladies Update ! go 2-0 since loss! Hilden game Cancelled ! Neuss Comes Tomorrow !

67-20 vs Sw / 5-87 vs Velberter / 0-20 vs Hilden

Ladies since the loss to Dusseldorf , have been playing some good ball! Going 2-0 and giving only 25 points up on defense . “ That loss woke the ladies up!! “ say coach Brown . “ and watching the tabelle change from first to second had a bitter taste our mouths.“ So waiting 2 weeks before our next game because there was a change in Velbert’s schedule , Ladies went up against SW, who slowed BTV down a little the first game, ladies only winning by 13 pts . Game 2 was very different , no F.Faraj , but a supporting bench of #15 CC , (C. Ayari) , who had 8 pts, 7rebs, 4 stls, and 3 of those 4 shots put Barmen in a flow and momentum . #14 Freshmen , F. Cisse , had a double double with 12pts and 10 Rebs 3 blks, and A Besproswanny who pulled down 8 Rebs with 11 points and dished out a game high 5 assist . High scorer M.Faraj dropped 16pts , 4 from 3pts land . after the hot 2nd quarter from CC, the game seemed to be going in barmen favor. Defense gave only 20 points . finishing SW 47-20 .

Being 2 games behind Dusseldorf in games played , the tabelle looks funny , but getting 40 plus points in a game we were not expecting too is always good . 2 Days after SW going into Velberter, points were the only thing on our minds. giving Velberter a lot of credit , they played hard, but our ladies just wanted to score , and velbert had shots , they got the ball up the court , but the team is just very young . only getting 5 pts . this game brought the ladies to within 4 point of Dusseldorf . Being 2 games behind and getting 82 points , next up was Hilden !

You know , I feel sorry for the coach in Hilden, it was told that they didn’t have enough girls to play . but it wasn’t cause of sickness (flu), but for some was school. I can only weigh my opinion from my own experiences . We had school and Basketball living coherent together . One was Vein, the other was the blood that flowed . couldn’t have 1 without the other . but I know its different here . but as a coach , I always tell my teams that this team , the game , the training , is like a JOB !! We work hard to get paid . we just don’t work !! its not fun. But when getting paid for your work, it brings a certain type of appreciation for what you are doing . they have had a few games cancelled 2 times vs BTV this year . I hope they can get everything back on track . they were a competitive team .

So what’s left ? Well after last weeks games and Neuss upsetting Dusseldorf 53-51 , The Ladies reclaim 1st place with 18 points more then Dusseldorf .(who play SW next) . The ladies will go into a mini 2 game playoff series vs Neuss , who just beat Dusseldorf last week. So Tomorrow game should give a different type of energy , this is the 1st meeting for both teams. Neuss tied for 3rd 5-3 with SW , Ladies need 1 good game , but wants both games !!

Tomorrow 16uhr Heck !! COME SUPPORT OUR GIRLS !

/ 25.3. 16uhr Elmar-frings Sporthalle


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