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ladies get W against a tall Cap bobcats team 27-41 !

Ladies had to go to Düsseldorf short-handed due to u18 players restrictions cause of same game day play. Big Al was not present cause of the flu. Ladies went in this game with the thought of lets see what happens . Bobcats were very tall team before tip off, but then in the middle the 1st ,the big intimidation factor settled . After Düsseldorf went up 8-2 at the 5 min mark, a time-out adjustment and the ladies pulled back to tie at the end of the Q. 8-8. Barmen kept playing hard thru the second getting some key rebounds and trying to run and break . the quarter BTV was up 5 13-18 . after half , we knew we could play vs them and confidence picked up . Barmen stretch the lead out to 9 ,29-20 at the end of the 3rd . the game finished with the ladies winning 27-41 and the ladies now 2-2 in the season .

this game showed the heart of our bench !! our 2 ladies who haven’t seen a lot of playing time showed up and played hard . Nora Tioni played more then 20 mins and pulled down 8 big rebounds for us . Leen Alamin hustled for balls and had 2 good shots that rattled . although no point scored their presence was there . Yasmin El Hasnaoui dropped in 15 pts and went 3-3 from free-throw line . after having a first 3 games of a basket here or there, she can feel good with this breakout game . her stats don’t reflect the effort she puts in every game . AU Bellos had 7 points and C. Ayari had 5 . next game 2.12 in the heck vs Art Düsseldorf . Ladies are now fighting for 4th place with Art Düsseldorf and SG Rot Weiss Gierath. SEE ya on the 2.12 ,18uhr.

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