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U18 M win big vs Düsseldorf Giants and Osterather ! 3-1 tied for 3rd

Last 2 games showed fairly easy for the guys winning 35-88 in Düsseldorf , and 110-22 at home vs Osterather . Both games the boys started right out the gate and fast-breaked and ran . At the moment we see teams look big but once the game starts , we can see where the experience is . a lot of teams are just starting out with 1 or 2 years . Although its good to see us play well , it would had been great if we had this vs ISD . but again I think its a wake-up for us and well see how long it goes .

Vs Dusseldorf Giants: The boys didn’t shoot that well only 38% , but had a total of 47 rebounds and 25 steals . D. Posse lead all scorers with 21 . Barmen had 4 others in double figures.

vs. Osterather : at home this game was very one-sided only allowing 22 point for Osterather. Barmen with 6 in double figures shooting 60% form the field . Mostly fast break layups .BTV went to the FT line 37 times making 50% . 3 players fouled out for Osterather . But with saying that , they tried and played hard . they had a little 3rd quarter run , but the game was already over .

we know we should be better then most teams we play this year. now our train starts in sportsmanship . we need to enable these new kids who are starting out in the sport so they want to continue to learn .

Next game 25.11 15uhr , sporthalle Kannenhof Alt . Solingen . Who is presently in 2nd place , 4-0. a win here will move us up to either a 2nd place or a 3rd place safely . but lets wait til Saturday .

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