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U18M Split first 2 , Blow out Rosellen, lose to ISD!

First game of the year in Rosellen was more of gitters and excitement . all the energy balled up ready to Go ! . that’s how the first game was . More of a good prep game . the boys won blowing out the first year Rosellen team . 18-104 . Its cool seeing new cities assembling basketball here . Its a great sport to learn for our youth.

Game 2 Home ISD is in town . a lil history, we played 2 times last year in Oberliga . both games played ok but ISD showed they were the better team winning both and finishing 2nd place last year . so when asked how they are in the kreisliga ? They like Us placing 5th place did not think we had to redo another qualification , plus they are a international school still on break , so they had no kids for Q game . SO THE 2 MET ON SUNDAY !!

Both teams feeling each other out , ISD exploiting pick and roll with there big . and Barmen going to their big as well as driving to basket . We had some free throws early and we only got 2 out of them the Q was pretty even until a end of quarter 3pt from ISD to go up 3 , 11-14.

2nd Q . Now BTV starters played great the first 8 mins or so in the first Q . Subs came in and helped finish the Q , We can’t start the second with 6 TO s , making mistakes , trying to pass thru people !! Well the first 3 mins of second Q was all the above . A timeout and regroup speech , and then things were a lil better . but in the same time ISD ran 10 pts 13-23 , and it got out as far as 11 pts . finally BTV gets a lil run from N Azizi , who himself had a 9pt run in the last 2 mins of the half to cut the lead to 8 . 28-36 .

2nd half . BTV’s D. Possie , started of getting 5 straight point closing to within 3 before ISD got a basket . this continued thru out the period but ISD weathered the storm getting out the Q by 5 . 47-52. The 4th period again plagued with mistakes . BtV only 9pts in the Q to ISD 15. losing 56-67 .

ISD played ok . they have an all around team, did things well . we adjusted and it worked at times and times the ball got thru to the big on the P&R . but our subs are still learning . I think a few more games are still needed . we have 2 new bigs in organised basketball . we have some who are changing positions this year . point guard is needed and adjusting is not so easy for some . But we will see .

Next game Sunday in Comenius Gymnasium Dusseldorf , 16uhr SG ART Giants

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