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Well , with all of the changes over the summer and our lovely transportation system recently with construction. Our boys failed to arrive on time for their quali game and was demoted to play this year in lower league. Kreisliga. Only cause there is no middle league .

Saturday was suppose to be the start of the season with SW coming to town but the game was called due to circumstances in SW . So the game will be rescheduled.

this year’s outlook seems to be ok with what we accomplished in terms of replacing the pieces from last years guys . We should rebound and defend the paint we’ll. We have some rookies who are just starting in the game but are picking things up ok . I do have some concerns that we are ironing out in training but some things take time to develop. Offensively we have the pieces to run and slow it down . I believe we have a shooter or 2 and can get to the bucket . We are young at the point position and have to learn to organise the group . But we look good for this season .

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