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D4 get first taste of Damen league Basketball !!

So after last years youth league success, the ladies start a hard journey uphill . and I am joining them for the ride . this years team consists of 5 u19ers, 6 u18ers, and 1 over 20 . knowing this we are very very young and yes we will play hard but this year is a learning ride . we all had to do it . I had to do it years ago in New York . Its apart of the game !

Yesterday , our ladies got their first Test in Bezerksliga vs TG Neuss in Neuss . I can honestly say, it should had been worst from what we saw before tip off . Neuss was Big at all positions . Center position 6’2in !! Big Al is not even 6’0 ! so yes we were small . Then the game starts .and we go a few possession back and forth . we had to start in zone to try to protect the basket , and we get a 3pt from M. Faraj and it was very uplifting . it was needed and we started to play a bit . Neuss did go on a 10 pt run after but it was over a few mins . then we made a run to finish the 1st quarter out with an and 1 from Fridauss and 3pt again from Mayar. 12-11 . Second quarter was fairly even . We tried to use our quickness and fast break when we could . offensively some things worked and we got some drives to the basket . Neuss ladies have a all around team . you could see the unity within their play . like us but experienced . 2nd Q 30-23 . after half BTV had problems inside . the game was a little physical , like I explained to them and to be mentally prepared . we had to make some subs for small encounters from contact in the game . not Dirty play , but hard ball. that’s part of the game . but Neuss went on a 18-4 run in the 3rd . Because we have u18 ladies with us . they had a game later in Dusseldorf .they needed to be at .so let just say the concentration in the 4th was not there like it should of been . the game was 63-34 . Neuss Bigs played good together with the inside passing , and shot the ball well , made FTs .Barmen had a good half , now we just need to have a good game

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