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JOL2U18W Champs!!! 2X 2years !!!! On to the Final 4 in Bochum !!

So 3 weeks ago the ladies were sitting a very close 2nd to first place due to points in the tabelle . Then Cap Baskets loses to Neuss . So all the girls had to do is prevail . Having Hilden game cancelled , barmen window became a little narrower . Having only 2 games to accumulate points just incase Neuss was not who they were in a 2 game split of the last 2 games , we thought more of the point situation then winning two . Dusseldorf had 2 games vs Hilden played to our 2 forfeits vs them . So the points are very tight .

1st game Neuss seemed to start off ok , but Neuss didn’t go away like we thought . halftime barmen lead 24-12 , but Neuss had a strong 3rd period with 11 points to Btv 3 and only behind by 4 points . the 4th quarter Neuss ties the game at 27 a piece , before Mayar Faraj gets 9pts to Neuss 6 pts to keep BTV up by 3 pts in the last 1:10 of the game . then a steal was able to close the game out with a layup by Evlen Ahmad . 38-33W

2nd game Neuss , was kind of difficult because they sized up with us very well .they had a center as tall as our Big Al ( Alex Besproswanny) . So getting things in the middle were tough on both ends . but after 10 mins Neuss had a 1 pt lead 7-6 . We had a lot of shots rattle out which were starting to effect us a little and we got into some fouls problems . the 2nd quarter ,ladies get 10 points to Neuss 7 , again a lot of defense and we got a couple of baskets to sway the momentum a little . a 3pt by Mayar , jumpshot from Celce Ayari . and at half we are ahead by 2 points . 14-16. Second half was a back and forth till the middle of 3rd , when Barmen got a little bit of room and went on a 6-0 run . Lilly Farber , gave a spark off the bench coming in and playing some up tempo defense ! She gave the girls Energy in that run . That changed up our team effort the rest of the game . the quarter we were up 22-28 . 4th quarter starts off good , we go up by 10 , 22-32 , then like I said earlier , „Neuss Wont Go Away “ , well they put together a 10-0 run , Barmen could not score ! the score is tied 32-32 with 3 mins to go . Mayar hits a big 3pointer and after a BTV steal she gets fouled shooting a 3 . Evlen hits a Long 2 pointer which put us up by 6 . Big Al , who had a great defensive game with 10 Rebs and 6 blks, finally got a put back to go in to clinch the game . Neuss didn’t score in the last 2 mins . 32-41 .

this was one great Season ! we started off strong , then our Girl Farah Faraj goes down . At this point is were I really got to see the girls pull it together and play basketball . and not only that , Win these games . except for the 2nd Dusselfdorf game were we gave them 4 pts . these girls gave it their all . and that’s what I’m proud of . W


So next up is the Final Four in Bochum .the top 4 teams from each division will square off for the Nrw Trophy . 1. Bergisher Lowen , 3. Gerthe , 4. Salzkotton .

when : 29.4 12uhr Schulezentrum Gerthe , heinrichstr 2-4 ,44805.


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