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U18 Ladies Win Oberliga 4 Title!!!

Barmen ladies finish out the season going 6-0 , giving up 173 points defensively . and obtaining 483 points on the offensive end . the team this year was a mixture of u16 and 18, with each game having a different bench line up . but overall each girl played hard and gave it their all !! thats all a coach can ask for .

first just want to thank the other teams that played and put it all on the floor!!!! With the times the way they are , it felt real good to get back to some what of some basketball life and feel the thrill of competition .

So the Champs !,, shot for the year 47% from the field with Evelyn Yousif leading with 57% , Farah Faraj finished with 54% with a more shooting volume 57/106 . From the Free-throw line the ladies shot 42% 22/53 . from what I as a coach saw this year . we have a problem driving to the basket and creating fouls . something to work on in the offseason. 3 point land the ladies shot 27% 17/62 with Mayar Faraj hitting 11/35 shots from beyond the arc for 35% .

leading the team in scoring , and also playing in the Ladies League 2 and 4 . Farah really gave the leadership on the floor , and lead the team avg. 33.7 point a game , 10 Rebs ,7 ast ,8stls. 135pts made in 4 games played . Her sister Mayar in 5 games avg. 17points , 33 stls . Also Averaging a Double-double with Farah is (Big Al) Alex Besproswanny who had 11 points with 11 rebounds also handing out 34 blocks 5.67 in all 6 games played . Danya Al-krad finishes off the year with 11 points a game avg 49% from the field . Yasmin El Hasnaoui 9.8 points a game ,in 6 games distributed the ball avg 5.1 assist a game, 3.5 stls.

Celce , Aurelia, Kamar u18 played great as well when the times were needed , giving us points or a steal when needed . great job !! We will lose Kamar after this season due to the fact she will be too old .

and the Newbies from the u16 who helped out . Andrea , Julia , Marianna , Mayar , they all did a Super job ! and they learned very quickly.

So AGAIN GREAT YEAR !!!!! and lets TRY to Do It Again Next Year

Year Season stats

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