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New U18-Girls on the first place!

So finally after a long lay off due to the pandemic, Basketball has finally come back!! Our U18 Barmen ladies playing in the Oberliga 4, have started out the gate fast taking all first rounds games off four team league (two other teams did not play due to circumstances).

The ladies have a lot of different talent and personality. And with a very different team from last years kader. The ladies Defense has shown itself as a strong asset in the first three games only allowing 77 points. (C) Alex B. who has played Big inside average 9.67 rebounds and 6 blocks per game alongside (F/G) Farah F. who also average 9.5 rebounds, 3.0 blocks and 3 steals. Also contributing with their defensive efforts is the kultsport transfer Danya A. average 6.0 rebounds and 2.6 steals. U16 players Mayar F. with 7.0 steals per game and Evlen Y. with 3.0 steals.

The saying goes „DEFENSE CREATES OFFENSE!“ and that’s just what’s been happing. Getting hands on lose balls, steals to assist to points! We got a lot of fastbreak baskets in the first three games and it’s very impressive to see these girls working together and focused. 53% from the field is good as a team!!

Farah F. leads the way average 40 points in two games shooting 71 % field goals. And she is also 10/14 from the foul line. Her Sister Pointguard Mayar (U16) in two games is having a great start with 70% from shooting averaging 20 points a game. Yasmin E. (Guard) also in double figures average 10 points and 5 astists. A real tough 2 way player. And with leading the team in blocks Alex B. also has put up 10 points a game on the offensive side.

Also on the team we have Guard Aurelia B. Who’s jumpshot has developed over the last year. Celce A. who played before in kultsport, joined the team at few weeks ago and will be a big help to backup the forward Position. And then we have two other U16 players who are very new to the game but excited and eager to learn. They bring a lot to training: Andrea B. and Julia K.

Next Game Starts the 2nd round this Saturday 12.3.22 at 16:30 Heckinghauser Halle vs. Crobaskets Essen. Come and support!!!! 🏀🙂

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