U16W OL good start 2-0 into the Autumn Break!

For the Girls , this year has alot of young players coming from the u14, with a combination of players from u16-1 and 2 of last season , the total is 15 . So Barmen has alot of Depth. having a real good and big starting core we should be ok . 

But the pre-season had its problems with losing 2 games , trying to find our strong points and see how everyone played together that was the Goal ,so we took those games and mistakes and worked on them . One thing we do lack with some players is BB IQ . we have 4 players in their 2nd year so its taking some time . But they are developing . so thats Good!! 

Season !! 

1st game  TG Neuss in Neuss , 11:00 Early game with only 10 girls , (a few were sick ) and 1st game emotions were high . girls were nervous , but ready . The first Q , Barmen jump out with a couple of runs and played really good defense taking alot of steals from bad passing finishing the Q 10-23. 

2Q the defense had its best Q holing Neuss to just 7 pts , but Barmen offense made only half of their shot in the period of scoring 14 , so a 0-0 quarter in a coaches mind .  17-37 halftime 

Second half , Neuss played a bit better defensively , creating some TO's for barmen . offensive putout stalled a little bit . the good thing was Neuss could not capitalize as well missing shots . both teams only scored 19 pts in the quarter 9-10.  26-47.

4th quarter , was like another basketball game. , the girls come out and played together , great defense and caused turnovers and made some really quick points off fast breaks getting 27 points in the Q.  neuss made 15 points but it was no chance and the girls get the 1st W 41-74 . 

Barmen : 61/33 FGs  54% ,  15/5 FTs  33%     16 ast,  26reb ,   6blks ,   18stls  

F. Faraj   37pts ,6stl

E. Külpmann  17pts , 5ast  


2nd game Hilden 1st home game .

The second game vs hilden was more of a landslide . Hilden is very small and young . there was no chance the girls won 72-24 . But Barmen could had made it worst if they had made their LAYUPS !! so we have work to do . 

Barmen : 74/30 FGs 41%, 12/6 FTs ,   18 ast, 26 rebs, 6 blks , 10 stls

F.Faraj   31pts, 2-2 3pts , 5 rebs , 4 stls  

S. Weirs  16pts , 3ast , 2stls 

E. Külpmann  !0pts , 3rebs, 4ast , 4-4 FT 

so we really cant tell what the season will bring But WE WILL BE READY !!