u 18 2018

So the guys start 2018 going to WSTV and winning vs the 3rd man team , but lost at home to Monheim 51-76. Monheim is a Big team and barmen could get anything working inside . again with a young u 18 team we did ok , just could get anything to flow . this year the seal is to stay above 5th place . i think that is achievable . 

the next game is friday 9th feb DERBY GAME vs Kultsport at Platz Der Republik in Elberfeld Wuppertal !!


U 18-2m: Loss 54:38 problem shortage of players

U18 went to Remscheid tied for 3rd place and was hoping to get the win, but due to lack of players (U16 players, most of them are scorers), BTV only abtained 38 pts. The good thing was Remscheid only got 54. So our defense was present, we just couldn´t score. We are a good team with a chance to place middle to high in the Tabelle. The schedule gives one more game with the same problem with players that can score but hopefully our defense get us thru . 

U18 Blows 20pt halftime lead vs Kultsport lose 66-72

Well a derby game in the Heck that seemed to be a EASY WIN WITH A 43-23 LEAD AT HALFTIME for BTV , turned out to be a complete breakdown of a planned agenda that worked in the first 20 mins of the game . BARMEN the team I know "as a coach" was not on the court becoming too relaxed with the lead and started commiting turnovers and Kultsport who chipped away at the lead was only down by 9  (58-49) at the end of the 3rd quarter . 4th quarter no better for BTV who only scored 9 pts to 24pts from Kultsport and losing 66-72 .  This lose goes on the whole team and it shows us that we have work to do . Mentally "TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED"  the coach told the guys and so we will work on the next game !!!

U 18 2 game update vs SW Baskets 2 und 3

30.9 2017
Barmen u 18 -2 on the road to Ronsdorf vs VSTV 2 with a 2-0 record and tried to continue their journey in the league. But on this day the guys "Came Up Short" !!! and actually that was the problem in the game. Barmen had no Big Men to defend SW Baskets. the first quarter was close with only a 2 pts lead for SW 14/12. but then the second quarter was a disaster for BTV  giving SW 31-7 pts and on end SW blows out BTV 70-31 . 
S.Weber   17pts - E. Bodur    8pts 

7.10 2017 

Barmen vs SW Baskets 3.
Today things were back to normal for BTV at home. Big Alex was back in the lineup but Sid Weber was out with the flew . Both teams right from the jumpball tried to use the pace to their advantage but BTV getting the first wave of runs and at the 6 min mark BTV lead 11/4. but SW came back and at the end of the first btvwas up 11/10
2nd quarter barmen had control of the game for the most part and in the second part of the quarter defended in a 2/3 zone which made it defficult for SW and their Bigman and finished the half up 28/24 . A. Shakura 15 pts in the 1st half hitting a at the end BUZZER BEATER .
3rd quarter . the game pace was slow but SW made alot of Passing mistakes and BTV had alot of steals and winning the quarter 13/7  (41/31) .  finishing the game  51/41 gives BTV their 3rd win this year and re sitting with a 3/1 record .
A.Shakura  19pts - E. Bodur 19pts - A Galios 12pts 

U18 smart play gets them past Bayer 56-41 for their 2nd WIN

Playing at home in the Heck , the U18/2 ( with a shortage of players -8- ) found ways to break Bayer Wuppertal's zone 2-3 with alot of penetrating in the first quarter and capitalizing on shots from a few turnovers . 18-12 was the first quarter ending. But the second quarter Barmen gave it all back and was down 1pt 28-29, due to spieler shortage . A. shakura (14pts) , S. Weber (9pts) , carried the first half with 9 pts a piece. (S.Weber did not play the second half ) 3rd quarter , A. Galios takes over with alot of work on the post scoring the first 6 points and finishing the quarter scoring 10 points . E.Bodur lead the team with !8pts  scoring 11 in the second half . !! Barmen took a third quarter lead 46-34  and finished the game 56-41. Today showed that this team can play together and close out games when having short leads . great job !! let see what next week brings .