u 16/2 2018 last 2 games

Happy New Year !! 2018 is here and alot has happened !!

So the guys caught a little snag coming into 2018 . Going to langendreer UNDER STAFFED and although the guys fought hard , we were ran out the gym losing by 25 pts . as a coach i must say " this game was more like 6 vs 5 on the court with some very BAD officiating from the referees !!" " Its always a uphill battle when the stakes are uneven like that . " Barmen had a very ok first half but without 3 of our players not there for scoring and rebounding it wasnt good enough . 

Now again with another week bye , Barmen was host to Konigshardt in the Heck , and with a lil chip on our shoulders ,(first game lost by 12) the guys took care of business winning by 18 (77-59) . with the first game back in the Heck in a while the guys started a lil slow , but then the engines started up in the second quarter . and there was no looking back . 

Now looking at everything from a tight 5th place positon in the tabelle , the lost to Langendreer means that we dont control our destiny at the moment , we could win the rest of these games but it doesnt mean we will get first place . (the best second) ! 

What needs to happen : with Langendreer losing last week , they are now tied with us. Siegen on the other hand will need to lose 2 games before anything can be said about first place . 

But my guys know that pound for pound we have one of the strongest teams in the league , looking at the first half of the season but we must wait and see . i think it all will come down to the wire !!! EXCITING ISN'T IT ?

Next game vs Gerthe  17 FEB  14:00 in Gerthe !