U16/2 get Early start on Essen , but with a fourth quarter scare , win 55-63 now 4th place

Starting out the first quarter with a BANG !!, BTV went to work getting to the basket and defense to almost stop Essen completely only giving 5 pts and having a commanding 11 pt lead  16-5. Then Essen, who have a big team, started their 2nd quarter playing more of the basketball we were waiting to see. scoring 15-15 2nd quarter 20-31. third quarter was a lot of activity by both teams, BTV bench played well vs Essen big guys but that only works  for so long. BTV won the quarter 20-17. But the 4th quarter w a couple of missed chances and turnovers, Essen got close . 6 pts  close until BTV started to play with the clock. And putting the starters back in the game at the end to secure a few more points and go on to win 55-63. Moving them up to 4th place as of yet .
"We need to stay a lil more focused on the game and not so much on the score . cause the flow of the game can change up just like that "but for now we keep working and get ready for the next game .
Pts : Sismann  B.: 19pts., Bodur E.: 14pts., Schwenteck P.: 11pts.; Höhle N.: 7pts, Kinder M.: 6pts.  /  Essen: Benouiade N.: 13 pts.