U 16-2 Gives Siegen first loss of year ! and can close the door from last year's 2 losses

Saturday , Liegnitzer Halle was full with parents and fans, referees, two coaches, Scoring table, and 24 players that when the Ball went up, started a 40 minute game of hard work, sharp decisons, pain and  sweat, and a little bit of vengeance for BTV, who in the second half took down Siegen (who was 4-0 so far this year) 77/61. 

Siegen who is a big basketball team came in and played great, keeping Barmen on there toes. Berger M. (S) gave barmen problems in the first half with rebounds and in the second half scored most of siegens points finishing with 31 pts. (tied with E Bodur who also finished for barmen with 31 pts). Bodur also finished with 13 reb, 5 blks and 5 stls. Siegen could not do anything to stop him . but for Barmen that was enough, P.  Schwenteck was there for BTV, finishing with 17pts, 8 reb. That was the difference in the second half, when BTV opened up the score going up 11 and the end of the 3rd . and fourth quarter defense from the bench players held Siegen in the first 5 mins to only 6 pts as barmen hit a 3pt shot and 6 key points to keep the lead safe and win the game. 
it took a few games to get on the same page and know our rolls on the team , but it can only get better from here . 

pts: 31 E. Bodur, 17 P. Schwenteck, 8 N. Höhle, 6 L. Quett/ B. Sismann, 5 R Szukala (3pt) 4 L. Bikić (injured foot in second quarter)  7reb.
Key to win: only 8 turnovers . VERY SUPER STATISTIC !!