U 16/2 goes down in the last 2 mins to königshardt 77/65

Finally the season begins !!!!!
U16/2 in Oberhausen vs Königshardt had first game Jitters for some of the guys . ( 5 new players / 3 played u 14 /1 last year ). staring off slow , Königshardt took advantage and built a quick lead 16/3 at the 8 min mark of the first . then BTV went on a 8/0 run and was down 5  18/13 in the 1st .
Second quarter both teams played back and forth and at half Königshardt had a 36/32 lead . But in the 3rd quarter Barmen had control of the game and won the quarter 17/23 (53/57) . The 4th quarter BTV started good and went up by 6pts (55/61) with 8mins to go before a 3pt and 2 turnovers had the game tied and then defensive breakdowns gave Königshard a 12/0 run finishing 77/65 . 
First game and 65 pts not bad for the guys , just need to come together with all the parts . we are big inside and quick at the Point and wings . So we will see how it all plays out .
E. Bodur  32pts - P. Schwenteck  6pts - L.Bikić   5pts