u 16/2 2018 last 2 games

Happy New Year !! 2018 is here and alot has happened !!

So the guys caught a little snag coming into 2018 . Going to langendreer UNDER STAFFED and although the guys fought hard , we were ran out the gym losing by 25 pts . as a coach i must say " this game was more like 6 vs 5 on the court with some very BAD officiating from the referees !!" " Its always a uphill battle when the stakes are uneven like that . " Barmen had a very ok first half but without 3 of our players not there for scoring and rebounding it wasnt good enough . 

Now again with another week bye , Barmen was host to Konigshardt in the Heck , and with a lil chip on our shoulders ,(first game lost by 12) the guys took care of business winning by 18 (77-59) . with the first game back in the Heck in a while the guys started a lil slow , but then the engines started up in the second quarter . and there was no looking back . 

Now looking at everything from a tight 5th place positon in the tabelle , the lost to Langendreer means that we dont control our destiny at the moment , we could win the rest of these games but it doesnt mean we will get first place . (the best second) ! 

What needs to happen : with Langendreer losing last week , they are now tied with us. Siegen on the other hand will need to lose 2 games before anything can be said about first place . 

But my guys know that pound for pound we have one of the strongest teams in the league , looking at the first half of the season but we must wait and see . i think it all will come down to the wire !!! EXCITING ISN'T IT ?

Next game vs Gerthe  17 FEB  14:00 in Gerthe ! 

1st place? U16-2? Hmmm ....

So here we are in December. The season starts its Winter break FINALLY !!! So what has happened? Well lets start with saying the first 3 games our Boys where in the Middle of the Pack trying to find themselves. We got Voeder by 4 pts and our first win for a young first year u 16 team, who last year placed 2nd in the Oberliga.  Losing to Harkortsee by 9 pts, the season started to look a bit different then last year. But then something happened, the game vs Siegen was a picker upper, the 14pts vengence win gave the guys the belief that they could play in the league. And since then Barmen has been finding ways to score and play defense. Winning the last four games. Marlor BC changed up the tabelle, when they took their team out of the league ( for reasons unkown ), helped Barmen out a lot jumping from 4th to 2nd place, AGAIN a PICKER UPPER for the Boys who already had momenten from the win with Siegen. Having the last 2 games on the road, last week in Horst, winning that game and then Sunday in Düsseldorf !!!!! Did I say Düsseldorf? 

Yes, Düsseldorf, who were sitting in 1st place in the Tabelle at 5-2 with 68pts (24) more the Barmen 5-2 with 44pts, a BIG TEAM! I mean i dont understand how they lost the 2 games they did. But Barmen came in with deep in concentration, focus, and a coach who knew after seeing how big D.Dorf was, had to talk and keep the guys relaxed. Reminding them why we are here and what was on the line was not the thing to say at the time, ( too much Pressure ) but talking about Siegen did help, cause Siegen beat D.Dorf.  

So First Quarter, BANG !!  Our boys start off Running, getting out to a 8-2 lead at the 3 min mark and scoring from different players, which was good to see early. And it continued when again Barmen went on another 7-2 run and the score was 6-18 at the 8 min mark and finishing the quarter out 12-22. "THATS ALL WE NEEDED!!" stated the coach. "this changes the strategy of the game and puts them on their heels." 

2nd quarter, Barmen played right along with D.Dorf who tried to get on a run and getting alot from their bigman in the middle L. Rauch who started the push, but E.Bodur kept barmen up with scoring 5 of barmens 13 pts to keep barmen up by 6 pts at the half 34-40.  The talk at half time was to keep them going, motivated, the boys saw the score and belived they could win!

3rd quarter  Barmen was STRONG winning the quarter by 8 pts 14-22 and having a commanding lead 62-48. Again all around scoring, the team was like a machine newly oiled. And D.Dorf was starting to look desparate.

4th quarter D.Dorf do all they can do to come back they were active and working but Barmen resting its starter, still found points during the period at the 37 min barmen was still up 65-72 and then the starter came back in to try to keep the score safe. D.Dorf got as close as 3 pts in the last quarter before E.Bodur put it out of reach in the last 10 sec with making a freethrow. 

SO Barmen takes control of the league with a 69-73 win vs D.Dorf. This is where all the things we do in practice pay off, but now we have to take practices to another level if we want to continue to defend 1st place . 

E.Bodur 19pts ,6reb 3ast,2 stls

B.Sismann  15pts,3 stls 

P. Schwenteck 11pts 6rebs


N.Höhle 10pts, 2 stls 

M.Kinder 10pts, 9 rebs (4off) 

Barmen  : FG 52% , FT 41% , Rebs 41, blks 6 , 16 ast .  



U16-2 takes Horst DOWN !! by 11pts 73-84. Gets their first taste of first place

This week alot in the Tabelle changed due to Marler BC, who cancelled the rest of their season. So points in the Tabelle changed and Saturday Barmen was sitting at the top of the league with three other teams. So todays game was a little more important and the guys were very motivated for this game vs Horst in Essen.
Coming back to join the team was S. Weber - who played last year with the guys and was a very big impact last year - had his debut today finishing with 9 points, but did good rebounding with 7 rebs .
So lets get to it, Barmen started off the game matching up pretty good vs Horst both teams back and forth in the first few mins until Barmen go up 8 pts after a foul and a quick press. BTV won the quarter 19 : 25.
Keeping there composure in the second quarter, playing and running alot with the fast break Barmen stayed ahead of Horst scoring points when needed, Horst tried to get on a run and got it as close as 4 points. Barmen winning the quarter 21 : 24 and at the half  40 : 49.
Second half 3rd quarter was tight knit, with both teams scoring 15 points a piece. The fourth quarter Barmen taking care of the Ball and making sure that Horst couldn't come back, played a slow pace setting up offense. BTV subs came in and played great so that the starters could get a break. At the 2 min mark BTV was out of danger and went on to win 73-84 .
E. Bodur lead the way with 25pts, 10 rebs, 2 blks; B.Sismann Finished with 24pts, 5 rebs , stl; P. Schwenteck: 9pts, 5rebs; S Weber  9pts , 7rebs, blk: M.Kinder: 6pts , 6rebs; N. Höhle: 5pts.
BTV shot 34/74 fg = 46% /  16/29 ft = 55%.
Good points  1. BTV  55% ft is the best this season !!! 2. BTV only had 9 T.O.'s
So after Todays win Barmen is in 1st place. But there is still Lots of WORK left to do !! 

u 16-2 five pt win vs Herner TC keeps them close with six other teams in the Tabelle

Well if there weren't gonna be  anymore surprises in this season. I have to say "YOU ARE WRONG". Seven weeks into the season and after this last weekend of games it just shows how competitive this Landesliga of kids is. 1. Siegen vs Langendreer (Siegen lost) , Horst vs 2. Dusseldorf (D.dorf lost), Gerthe vs Konigshardt  (Konigshardt lost ),  Harkortsee had a BYE last week .  

Barmen on saturday welcomed Herner TC into liegnitzer with one goal on there mind , BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!! 

But it wasnt easy !! Herne started strong right from the jumpball. going up 5-0 before BTV first basket . during the period , barmen was down as much as 8 pts but rallied back to 1pt before going down by 4 at the end of the period 18-22. 2nd quarter , Barmen defense started to show itself a little , with rebounding by M. Kinder , who did most of the work in the second , enabling barmen to win the period 14-7 and go up 32-30 by half.  

3rd period was a back and forth affair , E.Bodur, B. Sismann, P Schwenteck , could not get anything to fall in the first two mins of the game and Herne once again took the lead and was up by 8 pts again before Barmens Engines got going . Herne won the period 14-15 ( 46-45 for BTV) . 

4th quarter , the game stays just as tight neither team can get on a long run , and B Sismann fouls out the game with 6 mins to go , but BTV Bench came in and played great defense and little by little Barmen starts to pull away going up by 6 in the 37 minute . Herne had FT problems down the stretch and E.Bodur for Barmen scored 13 pts in the 4th keeping the lead safe as Barmen played clock offense to finish the game with a 67-62 Win . 

NOW LETS ASK : Why I posted the other games this time ?, OK Here it goes . 7 games   / at the moment Siegen is still #1  5-2 (one more game played then the rest so far), D.Dorf, Langendreer, Gerthe, Barmen, Harkortsee, (all 4-2) tied for 2nd place, Horst 4-3 also is tied with playing an extra game . So this game on Saturday can "Make us or Break us" !!

This years league is really intense but THATS THE GAME !

E.Bodur, 27pts (53%) FGs, B.Sismann, 18pts (53%)FGs, P. Schwenteck, 12pts (40%). M.Kinder (13reb)
Barmen Shot / 43% FGs / 33% FTs, / 39 rebs /7 blks/10 stls.   NEXT GAME SATURDAY VS HORST. 15UHR AT HORST . 

U16/2 get Early start on Essen , but with a fourth quarter scare , win 55-63 now 4th place

Starting out the first quarter with a BANG !!, BTV went to work getting to the basket and defense to almost stop Essen completely only giving 5 pts and having a commanding 11 pt lead  16-5. Then Essen, who have a big team, started their 2nd quarter playing more of the basketball we were waiting to see. scoring 15-15 2nd quarter 20-31. third quarter was a lot of activity by both teams, BTV bench played well vs Essen big guys but that only works  for so long. BTV won the quarter 20-17. But the 4th quarter w a couple of missed chances and turnovers, Essen got close . 6 pts  close until BTV started to play with the clock. And putting the starters back in the game at the end to secure a few more points and go on to win 55-63. Moving them up to 4th place as of yet .
"We need to stay a lil more focused on the game and not so much on the score . cause the flow of the game can change up just like that "but for now we keep working and get ready for the next game .
Pts : Sismann  B.: 19pts., Bodur E.: 14pts., Schwenteck P.: 11pts.; Höhle N.: 7pts, Kinder M.: 6pts.  /  Essen: Benouiade N.: 13 pts.


U 16-2 Gives Siegen first loss of year ! and can close the door from last year's 2 losses

Saturday , Liegnitzer Halle was full with parents and fans, referees, two coaches, Scoring table, and 24 players that when the Ball went up, started a 40 minute game of hard work, sharp decisons, pain and  sweat, and a little bit of vengeance for BTV, who in the second half took down Siegen (who was 4-0 so far this year) 77/61. 

Siegen who is a big basketball team came in and played great, keeping Barmen on there toes. Berger M. (S) gave barmen problems in the first half with rebounds and in the second half scored most of siegens points finishing with 31 pts. (tied with E Bodur who also finished for barmen with 31 pts). Bodur also finished with 13 reb, 5 blks and 5 stls. Siegen could not do anything to stop him . but for Barmen that was enough, P.  Schwenteck was there for BTV, finishing with 17pts, 8 reb. That was the difference in the second half, when BTV opened up the score going up 11 and the end of the 3rd . and fourth quarter defense from the bench players held Siegen in the first 5 mins to only 6 pts as barmen hit a 3pt shot and 6 key points to keep the lead safe and win the game. 
it took a few games to get on the same page and know our rolls on the team , but it can only get better from here . 

pts: 31 E. Bodur, 17 P. Schwenteck, 8 N. Höhle, 6 L. Quett/ B. Sismann, 5 R Szukala (3pt) 4 L. Bikić (injured foot in second quarter)  7reb.
Key to win: only 8 turnovers . VERY SUPER STATISTIC !!